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Trust & Estate / Fiduciary Litigation

  • Will Contests
  • Fiduciary Claims Involving Trustees & Executors
  • Petitions for Guardianship & Conservatorship Petitions

Matters that involve trusts, estates and other fiduciary disputes are unique. These cases almost universally involve family members and the heightened emotions that come with family disputes. Just as importantly, the law implicated in these cases is unique and highly complex, often involving multiple proceedings in different courts.  Just as often these cases are factually complex, involving issues such as the dispute over the validity of a will or trust or claims against a fiduciary for financial mismanagement. Regardless of the type of case at issue, it is essential to be represented by a lawyer who specializes in this area. No firm in the Southeast is better equipped to handle fiduciary disputes as effectively as Sugarman Law. We tailor our approach to these cases based on the circumstances, while always focusing on our clients’ best interests. Some cases call for an aggressive, proactive approach. Others require a more collaborative approach to deescalate the inflamed emotions that often accompany these types of cases. We are the only law firm specializing in fiduciary litigation that can deliver this type of client-focused service.