Being Different Makes a Difference
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Being Different
Makes a Difference

  • Sugarman Law - Atlanta, GA
  • Sugarman Law – Atlanta, GA
  • Employment Law

  • Trust & Estate / Fiduciary Litigation

  • Business Litigation

Not Your Typical Law Firm

At Sugarman Law, we strive to live by our motto “Being Different Makes a Difference.” We are a boutique litigation firm with a unique culture that more resembles a modern technology company’s team-based approach than a traditional law firm. This lends itself to collaborative work and the development of creative solutions to our clients’ problems. We bring a myriad of legal experience from some of the largest law firms in the country to the practice of employment law, complex business litigation, and trust, estate, and fiduciary litigation. In creatively, passionately, and efficiently pursuing our clients’ interests, Sugarman Law delivers what all law firms should – but few do.